Our story

Positivity International came to life as the brand to capture the services of Silvia King Coaching for organisations and teams. We have a base in the UK and in the UAE, and work remotely across the globe. Over the years, collaborations have developed to design and deliver specific aspects of our corporate business, and you can find out more about some key partners below.

While now branded as two different entities, Silvia King Coaching and Positivity International are very much one big unit, with Silvia King as their link.

Silvia King draws on 20+ years of practical experience in the corporate world. She started her career as an international finance journalist. Later she moved into Corporate Communications for an international asset management firm, before setting up her own consultancy with a focus on cross-cultural communication. Her coaching work developed organically from working with people who had to deliver sometimes difficult messages to staff or public. Her experience spans various industries and continents.

Since 2017, she and her partners support organisations in some of the biggest challenges today as a coach, trainer and facilitator: wellbeing & ongoing development of the people in their organisations in a fast-paced, multicultural VUCA world.

What we do

Silvia’s expertise your business can leverage

We know what we do

Our services build on a solid foundation of practical experience and scientific evidence. This mindset is rolemodelled by Silvia. She has a broad toolkit of professional and academic qualifications and is actively engaged in scientific research with her PhD on coaching psychology in a Middle East context. In addition, Silvia has years of corporate experience that make her coaching practice and her workshops & trainings practical, experiential & insightful. A reason for her partnerships with Jannie, Louise, Phek and Roberta is that each one of them brings a similar skillset and mindset to the table.

We connect

Silvia has extensive cross-cultural experience through her communications and international work background. This enables her to bridge cultures, foster understanding and collaboration not just across geographies but all diverse contexts and cultures, be it gender, age or other personal differences. Silvia is actively engaged in bringing people together and sharing knowledge across communities by advancing the fields of coaching psychology, coaching practice and positive psychology.

We want you to be happy

Most importantly, we think it is important that people are as happy as they can be. Emotional, mental and physical wellbeing are key to that. There’s ample research that shows if employees, managers and stakeholders are happy, performance and other business outcomes improve. We don’t believe in unsubstantiated “happyology”. That’s why the solutions we develop to make your organisation happier are underpinned by the science of positive psychology and a mindset that reflects best practice and positivity.

What can we do for you?

Our broad expertise makes us your first point of contact when it comes to designing, facilitating and implementing programmes for intercultural competence, DEI and wellbeing.

Featured Collaborations

Collaborations can create solutions that exceed any expectation.


Jannie Stricker, MAPPCP

As a Luxembourg-based coach and consultant, Jannie is working with organisations, managers, and individuals to improve wellbeing at work. Her research on lifelong learning, attitude and wellbeing in the workplace received a distinction.

Together, Jannie and Silvia created the “Humour Angle”, a programme based on positive psychology and the conviction that a more humorous and playful perspective in life is one of the cornerstones to better wellbeing, improved creativity, performance and collaboration in organisations.


Roberta Pagliarulo, ICF PCC

Roberta Pagliarulo has a extensive experience as coach and mentor with top management and executives in multicultural contexts. She holds the ICF credential PCC and has over 10 years of experience as trainer and supervisor in Certification Coaching Courses in Italy and Asia.

Together, Roberta and Silvia created the ICF-certified course “Develop your cultural sensitivity for successful cross-cultural coaching, mentoring & leadership”. Intercultural sensitivity and competence is a soft skill that needs to be experienced to be fully understood. This hands-on course (and programmes based on it) provides that.


Phek Yen Ng, Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Consultant

Phek has a strong business background with more than 19 years of leadership, management & coaching experience in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. She is a Master Certified COF Leadership Coach and facilitator.

Together, Phek and Silvia created the SDI© programme with the FLOURISH model for diverse or intercultural teams. This 3-6 week bespoke programme for organisations and universities aims to help teams leverage their core personal, group and cultural strengths. Activities between workshops help build and embed new practices slowly. The emerging mindset and culture is sustained and grown by the participants. We call this mindset FLOURISH: Fully Leverage Our Unique, Rich diversity for Inclusion with Strengths and Humility. It can assist in training DEI champions and put positive psychology into corporate culture.


Dr Louise Lambert, Head of Happiness Research & Policy Design at happinessmatters.org

Louise is Registered Psychologist, author of the first and only positive psychology authoritative textbook in the Middle East, program developer and professor with almost 20 years of experience in counselling, mental health, not-for-profit organizations, higher education and research, and primary healthcare.

Her area of specialization is positive psychology and the empirically validated interventions people can use to achieve and sustain greater subjective wellbeing over time. She has lived in the UAE for 10 years and is currently the leading expert in the delivery of Happiness programs across the GCC.

Louise and Silvia have published and presented together around the topics of positive psychology, wellbeing and the Middle East.

Professional Associations

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