BUSINESS COACHING for corporates

Bespoke programme of 3-8 sessions


Careers depend on the success of the business, be this a start-up, an established company or a department within a larger company.

The people driving these businesses require great skill,

experience and great potential.

That doesn't always translate into a successful business.

It doesn’t necessarily make them good managers or leaders.

To take take their business forward, sometimes they need to re-think

their business strategy and goals, develop a new skill set and

new ways of thinking about their role and their work.

A positivity-based business coach supports these talents through their transition. As a third party in a confidential dialogue, the business coach facilitates the development of next steps and goals to help unlock the potential.

Every coaching client is different. That’s why we tailor length and style of our coaching sessions to your style and preference. Let’s discuss your requirements.