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Cross-cultural coaching, mentoring & leadership

Culture is a living thing - and it's much more than just nationalities. Culture is about our tendency to think, feel and act, it's the lens through which we view the world and others. It encompasses every facet of diversity.

That's why theoretical knowledge will only get you so far. Our workshops and trainings provide an experiential way to explore the challenges of interacting with others. It helps develop intercultural sensitivity to foster better collaboration and communication across contexts.

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Publications on intercultural topics and positive work & leadership

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Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

These courses are certified by Laughter Yoga International and designed for those people in your organisation who will lead regular laughter yoga sessions with colleagues as part of your wellbeing programmes.

Regular practice can help embed a more playful, creative mindset and support wellbeing in your organisation. That's why Laughter Yoga is Serious Business. We recommend this training in conjunction with our Humour Angle workshops.

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Coaching with Humour, Seriously

Yes, seriously?! There is plenty of positive psychology research that speaks to the many wellbeing benefits of the character strength of humour. But can we use it in coaching?

In this 90-minute recorded workshop, we introduce the key elements of humour in coaching and explore responsible ways how coaches can use humour in their practice. 

Not sure? In this article, we have highlights from the live workshop which is part of the IPPC Enrichment series.

Our customisable programmes


Strengths, Diversity & Inclusion (SDI) are at the heart of this 3-6 week programme that aims to help your diverse & multicultural teams to FLOURISH: Fully Leverage Our Unique, Rich diversity for Inclusion with Strengths and Humility.

Our bespoke programme for organisations and universities allows teams to leverage their core personal, group and cultural strengths. Activities between workshops help build and embed new practices slowly. The emerging mindset and culture is sustained and grown by the participants, not by us. From our programme, your DEI champions can emerge and a corporate culture built on positive organisational scholarship.

This programme can be delivered remotely and is customisable.

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Humour Angle workshops

Already Sigmund Freud knew that humour can play an important role in reducing stress and coping with life’s challenges.

Positive psychology research has since deepened our understanding of the facets of humour: It’s not about jokes, it’s about a playful, creative mindset and attitude that can not only build resilience but also promote emotional and mental wellbeing. Nowhere is this more important than in the workplace.

Our workshops bring this playful mindset to your teams and organisation in a way that supports serious performance.

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