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Cheerful girlfriends make a heart shape out of their hands
Work is no place for play

Rethinking play at work – beyond gamification

Where has the fun gone? Re-thinking playfulness at work Work is no place for play, though the trend for gamification seems to contradict it. Playfulness and being in flow can ...
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Jannie & Silvia explain how we can coach with the character strength of humour responsibly

Laugh responsibly – Coaching with the character strength of Humour

This article summarises the takeaways from a workshop delivered by Silvia King & Jannie Stricker for the IPPC Enrichment Series and was first published on the IPPC website. Find out ...
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Power of positive emotions

Putting the P into PERMA

Are you happy? Would you say that you are leading a “good life”? In recent times, the answers to these two questions may have shifted for many of us. In ...
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Why work should be child’s play

I vividly remember a former boss of mine who told me that I couldn’t be working hard enough because I seemed far too happy. Definition "work" (Source: Cambridge Online Dictionary) ...
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Learn to communicate before you absolutely have to

Confident and authentic communication matters - and it is never more evident than when things go wrong. Take the example of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Since the scandal about the ...
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